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by Carole Feeny |

  • : I write this because it is important for people to realize that awesome dogs come in all packages and sometimes they need a little time and extra compassion to decompress after leaving a shelter situation and to come into their own.
  • : I don't remember how long exactly or when it happened but one day she looked at me in the eyes, I mean really looked at me, and not just through me. That's when I knew we had turned a corner, she is not just my girl, but I am her human.
  • : Often we have an idealized picture of what bringing a rescue dog into our lives will look like - the dog will be happy, grateful, will bond with you immediately because he/she knows you saved them. Sugar wasn't like that. Sugar came to us 3 weeks after Lucy, my dog who fit that ideal rescue picture, died. Sugar was set to be euthanized, she had been in a shelter for 7 months, having been picked up as a stray at 5 months old. She understood that a human meant a nice comfy lap to sit in and someone to give her food, but beyond that our purpose seemed to escape her. It took a while but slowly she came around.
  • : Eve Snyder

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