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by Carole Feeny |

  • : The exact month we adopted Pandora, I found out my father was very sick. I watched my father suffer and succumb to cancer from August 2010-December 2010. Pandora's first months with us were a dark time. I know now she was sent to me from above to save me. It took me a long time to begin to heal and I would have never been able to do it without Pandora. Her unconditional love gave me hope. Her high energy, and need for play and exercise, gave me a reason to live. She is my heart and given me a new purpose in life. Since adopting Pandora, I have learned about Breed Specific Legislation, more aware of dogfighting and abuse, and on a mission to change the negative stereotype about Pit Bulls. I traveled to the best experience ever because of Pandora, The One Million Pibble March on Washington DC. I have made great lifelong friends all because I adopted a Pit Bull. My husband jokes that he created a monster. I barely knew anything about Pit Bulls and now they consume my life. They are full of Love, happiness, laughter and loyalty and deserve the same in return. They steal your hearts and change your whole life! I will always have a Pit Bull, or two, in my home for the rest of my life. On August 22, 2014, my birthday, Pandora passed her Canine Good Citizen Certification. It was a goal of mine and I knew she deserved the title...Pandora, CGC. It was definitely the best birthday of my life. Pandora has a great obsession for swimming so we bought her a big above ground pool. She loves to play ball and her energy level has not slowed down. She absolutely loves to dress up, wear jewelry and props, and have her picture taken. (It is hard to choose one picture to submit today because we have over 6000!) She has already had one CCL surgery and several other medical issues but thankfully we have pulled through! The bond Pandora and I have is a once in a lifetime experience. We rescued her but she also rescued me. She is my shadow, my heart and soul, and I am forever grateful to my husband for pushing me to consider adopting a Pit Bull. She is my forever Hero!
  • : In the summer of 2010, my husband was adamant about adopting a dog. Of course we wanted to find a dog that was in a rescue but we could not agree on the breed of dog. He wanted a Pit Bull and I was not really excited about adopting a Pit Bull. It wasn't because of the negative stereotype. I really did not know much about them. He searched every day on and would show me the dogs he found each day. I finally agreed we could consider a Pit Bull. One day he showed me a 10 month old female, blue named Pandora. The picture was a little dark and she was located 3 hours from us. We put in an application and were approved to go meet Pandora. She was going to be my husbands dog and he was so excited. The day before my birthday, 8/21/10, we took the 3 hour trip to meet Pandora. Pandora was going to be turned into the shelter by her family who know longer wanted her. The rescue stepped in and she was being fostered by a dog trainer who was part of the rescue. He was using her in the local shelter to socialize other dogs. When we arrived that day we had a very long talk with her foster and he did a quick training and education class with us to ensure we would be successful Pit Bull parents. He went to get Pandora and when she walked in the room my heart melted. I had never seen a more beautiful dog and her training was on point. So smart for a 10 month old! At that moment, I knew my husband was not getting "his" dog, and she would end up being mine.
  • : Little Empire Rescue -
  • : Stephanie and William Thomas
  • : Birthday 10-14-09

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