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by Carole Feeny |

  • : She's changed my life in so many ways but the most important thing she has taught me is to forgive! After everything that she has been through she still can forgive humans and love them unconditionally!
  • : I started volunteering with the Stray Animal Adoption Program a month before I saw Ruthie. I told myself multiple times that I didn't need another animal, and I was only volunteering to help the animals find their forever homes! One night I logged onto the SAAP Facebook page and saw a picture of Ruthie, and immediately fell in love with her! That following weekend I met Ruthie at an adoption event. While there I heard her background story. Ruthie's story - someone saw her and her puppies thrown from a car to the side of the road, this person took them to the local shelter where Ruthie finished raising her puppies. SAAP then rescued all of them and they were put into separate foster homes because her puppies were grown and she needed to learn how to be a dog and not a mom. SAAP then came across a litter of orphan puppies that needed a mommy and Ruthie was their girl! She took them in as if they were her own! Now that her orphan puppies were raised it was finally Ruthie's turn to get her forever home! After I heard all of this I knew that I needed Ruthie in my life! After three weeks of convincing my parents that I needed her I adopted her on November 22nd! She's definitely a special girl and can't picture life without her!
  • : Stray Animal Adoption Program
  • : Hannah
  • : November 22, 2015

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