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Pittie2020 November and December 2015 Winners

by Carole Feeny |

Happy 2016, Pittie2020 supporters! All we can say is that the holidays were a blur and the PBC elves were working overtime to get through the busy Christmas season. As a result, some of our favorite (and important) things got away from us, namely announcing the November and December 2015 Pittie2020 winners. Please see below for our picks and prepare for a few smiles and giggles!

We’d also like to thank Kelly McLaughlin at [B]arkNation for taking the helm of Pittie2020 in December. We are thrilled to present her with a donation of $627 from sales through the Pittie2020 store link in November and December. We so believe in the myriad of ways [B]arkNation is a community resource and a vital link to dogs in need in their area, so we know this donation will be applied to good use. Thanks Kelly!

Because we’re the ambitious types here at PBC, we have all sorts of things planned for 2016 and we’re re-thinking the best way to keep all our balls in the air. Going forward, we’re going to have the selection period of the Pittie2020 photo contest run on a quarterly timeframe. We want to make sure that we can keep our original intention for the initiative going strong and make the 20% giveback from sales meaningful for the benefitting rescue. Outside of that, everything else remains the same 

And the winners of the November and December Pittie2020 contest are….


Take one look at smiley Ms. Miley and your day is guaranteed to get a bit brighter! We love the quote on this picture as well as the glamour shot of such a happy lady. Her mom wrote, “Ms. Miley is a former One Love Animal Rescue dog who found her perfect family because they weren’t blinded by pittie stereotypes. She hopes the rest of the world can keep sharing the love!” Thank you, Katy, for submitting such a sweet picture and doing your part to help people see pitties more clearly!


@tomfooleryfarley caught

the eye of Fetch Eyewear for this month’s sponsor pick. We’re not sure if Farley is just camera shy or has had enough of the paparazzi, but what we do know is that he is almost too cute to handle!

@Trooperandmoe clinched the Jolly Pet sponsor pick this month – are you surprised?! Get a load of that focus and attentiveness! Trooper and Moe, you are in our hearts…


This photo just screams pittie pride! Thank you @morgantoalsonmills for always always supporting Pittie2020 and capturing so many sweet moments to share with us. Juno and Olly never leave home without some sort of PBC swag, and they are great at showing that Pittie2020 is truly a family affair. High paws, gang!


Oh, deer @iheartwallace! We love everything about this photo – from Wallace’s “what? what?” expression to the artsy background of the Christmas lights. Just confirms our belief that pitties are dogs for every season! Thank you @iheartwallace for bringing good tidings to the December 2015 Pittie2020 contest!



@dominicthepit, you are a superhero to Fetch Eyewear and have captured their hearts. Congrats! You’ll be getting people to see pit bulls more clearly wherever you go…


Pardon us for interrupting your scholarly pursuits, Chloe, but you are Jolly Pet’s sponsor pick for December 2015! May the toy they send you expand that brilliant mind even futher… @chloeandrudy


We wanna party with this pittie! @Pandora_the_pit_bull you are a bright shining example of what Pittie2020 is all about. Thank you for doing your part to show pitties in a different light. High paws, girl!

BARK NATION (Pittie2020 Manager for December 2015)

Stanley is a repeat winner and totally deserves it. Check out his Abe Lincoln look for the holidays! Stan, you remain our man and Bark Nation loves you @hailtothekling for it!



The overall winner will receive a gift certificate from Fetch Eyewear good for 1 free order of up to $165, a t-shirt of their choice from Project Blue Collar, and a Jolly Pets toy donation to a rescue of their choice.


From Fetch Eyewear: Winner receives a $85 gift certificate from Fetch

From Jolly Pets: Winner receives a Jolly Pet toy.

From Project Blue Collar: Winner receives a Pittie2020 or PBC T-shirt.

[B]arkNation December pick: Winner receives a Pittie2020 or PBC T-shirt.

If you are a winner, please drop us a note here to claim your prize:


Show your pibble pride and get your Pittie2020 swag! Every month, 20% of the sales through the Pittie2020 store is donated to a pit bull rescue to support their lifesaving work. Do your part an help the public SEE THEM MORE CLEARLY by sharing the Pittie2020 initiative far and wide.

SHOP PITTIE2020 HERE or bookmark this link to share with friends:

For more information about WHY we started Pittie2020, click here.

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