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Roxy the Tripawd

by Carole Feeny |

Teena Hopper

Rescue Dog’s Name

Roxy the Tripawd

Where Did You Find Your Dog?

She is a rescue from a local organization. It had been almost two years since my 15 year old BC had crossed the Rainbow Bridge, when I started thinking about the possibility of getting a buddy for Miss Charlee, my four year old BC. Although she seemed okay with being the only dog in the family, my hubby and I had often discussed whether or not she needed a playmate for the times we were not around. I had made the decision some time ago that if I did get another dog I would probably go the ’rescue’ route, rather than with a breeder, just because there are so many lovely pets out there looking for furever homes.

Tell Us About the Moment When You Knew that You Two Were Meant for Each Other.

One day while chatting with a co-worker; who also fostered for a local rescue; she told me that they had just posted some new photos on their website of some pups that had just become available and that I should check it out. So that night, after work, I went online to have a look. Before I knew it, a cute little face caught my eye!!! Her name was Nala and my first thought was, ”well, that name will have to change”…guess that turned out to be a sign that she was going to be mine…LOL! I started to read her story, and needless to say it was a sad one…like so many of them are. She was a 4 month old Border Collie cross that had been rescued from a local reserve a month earlier with a severe spiral fracture of her right hind leg, which resulted in a full amputation but she seemed to be adjusting well as a new little Tripawd. I had to meet her!!! First I called my co-worker, then I called the rescue to set up a meet and greet and as destiny would have it, she was being fostered just around the corner…YAY!!! An email was sent out to have the lady fostering her contact me to set up a time to meet Nala. The next day I got the email from the foster mom…”can you come by tomorrow evening?” ”ABSOLUTELY!”, I said…I was so excited!!! I had to work the next day, so as you can imagine, it was very hard to concentrate because I couldn’t wait to meet this sweet little girl.

How Has Your Hero Changed Your Life?

Although Roxy has given me many challenges as a first time rescue mom, she has the greatest energy in the world and makes me laugh all day long!!! She helps me live life in the moment and enjoy every single minute of the day!

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