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by Carole Feeny |

  • : I take Rosie to work with me and she greets every client like they're the best person ever. She was neglected and badly treated in the past but she will give her heart to everyone she meets. Countless people have fallen in love and some insist on appointments only when she is there. Many ask for her when I don't bring her to work, some I don't remember but they remember meeting her. She's taught me that if you're a kind honest soul and love life you will have many friends. The picture I submitted is of her and one of her friends she's met at the office. Sorry it's not a good pic but it's my favorite.
  • : I had just euthed my heart dog, Poppy. She was everything to me. I was lost without a dog and went to the shelter every day even though everyone told me it was too soon. When I first saw Rosie she scrunched up her face with that I-love-you expression and I knew she was the one.
  • : Burlington County Animal Shelter
  • : Melissa Notigan
  • : 5/2010

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