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Elouise aka Lil Dog

by Carole Feeny |

  • : Just having Lil Dog trust me enough to finally snuggle with me warms my heart. Knowing we are giving her love, food, MY BED, and lots of back massages makes my heart warm. Loving a dog is one of the best things in the world. You have a friend that just wants you to sit with them, pet them and be their human couch for them. They ask for nothing back but to love them. Come on name me one human that is like that. LOL Thank you for this Project ☺
  • : Actually my husband saw her and fell in love with her. She was rescued from a Ozark Missouri Puppy mill. She was in such bad shape when he saw her in a cage. She weighted around 6 lbs , her ears were eaten up by fleas, she was skin and bones. He brought her home to our house hold of already two dogs and two cats. To be honest, I did not want to touch her since her skin looked so painful and she was terrified. She wanted nothing to do with us at all but to bolt. Finally after two days she approached me on the couch and stared at me with such scared eyes, like "ok what are you going to do with me?" I started to massage her back, eventually she relaxed and put her head on my lap. After 10 yrs Lil Dog is my dog, she has issues but I work with her. She will not allow me to kiss her head nor hug her with two hands but every now and then she lets me give her a belly rub.
  • : PetsMart rescue group
  • : Aleta Hirsh
  • : Oct 2005

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