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Princess Pumpkin and Her Legacy

by Carole Feeny |

The Project Blue Collar Puppy Hostel has welcomed a new family to stay for awhile!

Pumpkin is being fostered by Carole and was rescued by SAAP (Stray Animal Adoption Program). Pumpkin came to SAAP a few days ago after she was saved from a hoarding situation in Brown County, OH. She arrived at Carole's house pregnant and with a diseased right eye. This poor girl is about 6 years old and is terrified by everything and everyone. Carole was told that Pumpkin had about 2 more weeks until she was to deliver, but came home last night to Princess Pumpkin giving birth to her pups. We figured her babies wanted to share the spotlight of the royal birth of Will & Kate's baby and tell the world that even foster pups deserve royal treatment! Their names are Kensington (white female), Windsor (chocolate male), and Middleton (black male).

Thankfully, dogs like Pumpkin are given a chance because of rescues like SAAP and foster homes like Carole's. She gets a new future and will be rehabilitated to overcome her scary past. Love can go a long, patient way - and Pumpkin will become a cherished member of someone's family. Her puppies will not have to know the horrors of neglect and deprivation. Their fates changed the minute the networking started and compassion prevailed to ensure their safety.

We at Project Blue Collar have been a part of many dogs' happy futures and have witnessed countless heroes advocate for underdogs. We have networked, transported, fostered, and made matches with forever homes. We've seen the change begin to happen the moment a dog is rescued. The Project Blue Collar movement celebrates this legacy of kindness and strives to unite the people and communities who believe in the potential of orphaned dogs. We also empower shelters and rescue groups to fundraise with our Buy One Give One business model.

So when someone Blue Collars their rescue dog, it means that their dog has a story to tell and a way to inspire others to make adoption their first choice. One collar at a time, one dog at a time - and change will begin to happen.

Join our movement and spread the word. Help more dogs like Pumpkin get the recognition they deserve and chances at futures that are brighter than their bleak pasts.

Every conversation matters - it's that simple!

During the month of July, our shelter of the month partner is Kauai Humane Society. For each collar purchased, one will be given them to use and keep 100% of the profits.

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