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Pittie2020 July 2015 Winners

by Carole Feeny |

WOW! Another great month of entries (and smiles) for our #Pittie2020 contest! THANK YOU to all who participated and spread the word about our effort to “clear the vision” of pit bulls and “see them more clearly.” ALL of these pictures warmed our hearts, made us giggle, and absolutely achieved the objective of Pittie2020.

ThePittie2020 co-sponsors, Fetch Eyewear, Jolly Pets, and Project Blue Collar, huddled up to exchange ideas and created the following categories based on the variety of entries we received: Best Overall, Most Creative, Most Fly, Best Pittie Smile, and Best Party Pittie. In addition to Sponsor’s Picks from Fetch Eyewear, Jolly Pets and Project Blue Collar, we have a separate Honorable Mention category this month. That’s because these entries were so darn cute that we just had to acknowledge them!

This month’s Best Overall Winner gets to select a pit bull rescue to receive the Pittie 2020 store giveback this month. We’re looking forward to surprising that rescue with the collective generosity of people who shopped at the Pittie2020 store in July – thanks for your support!

And the winners are….


The Corbett Pack (@88kncorbett on Instagram) continues to amaze us with the ingenious – and sometimes incomprehensible – poses she is able to pull off with her furkids. Rosie, Edith, Roxie and Mia the cat are shining examples of what rescue animals are capable of. Each have responded to the love of their mom Kasey and there is pretty much nothing they won’t do for her! THANK YOU to the Corbett Pack for being such great Project Blue Collar AmbassaDogs and your wonderful, creative support of the Pittie2020 initiative! Stay tuned for seeing them take over the helm of Pittie2020 some month soon…


Jerry had us at hello (photo submitted by Danielle Rivera). Take one look at this happy guy and your day will get a little brighter. Seriously, have you ever seen a smile that says so much and radiates pure happiness?! We think not! Jerry will get people “seeing more clearly” for sure with this sweet mug. Watch out world – here comes our favorite Cupid!


If you don’t crack a smile and your heart doesn’t melt at the sight of Butters, then maybe you need to close this page and go somewhere else! We nearly fell over at the sight of his dreamy cupcake eyes. Don’t you want to “go grandma” on him and hold those puffy jowls in your hands?! We certainly do! Butters, you can party with us any time. You’re the kind of Take Anywhere Guy we’d be proud to have around.


Can we put our hands over our hearts and sing the Star Spangled Banner in honor of @Kowow?! Look at the patriotism oozing from everywhere in this picture and the awesome way they are celebrating the birthday of the USA! What amazing creativity to truly showcase pitties for the dress-up, dress-down, take-anywhere, tolerant, and fun-loving kids they are. We know that this picture was only possible through mutual love and respect – something we need everyone to “see clearly!”


Elton (submitted by Stephanie Betts) looks like he could make a guest appearance on Entourage or be the newest addition to a hot new boy band. One look at this guy and we were goners! Undoubtedly hands down one of the most flyest of fly, Elton shows that pit bulls are handsome, hunky, and downright COOL. Elton, you take our breath away. Learn more about this ambassadog here.



Maddie (@linds82344) is Fetch Eyewear’s Sponsor Pick, and we can see why. She is serious about party time – can you tell?



Tuck is all about love – no wonder Jolly Pets chose him for their Sponsor Pick! Photo by @bren_lz



PBC couldn’t resist selecting these guys as their Sponsor Pick. Nico and Atenas the Smiley Pit are the happiest pair of pibble ambassadors who live in Puerto Rico. They love the beach and smile their way through life. Take a look at photos and videos on their Facebook and Instagram pages and you will see that Nico and Atenas reflect the love that is showered on them


Brooklyn (submitted by Rene Depaul)




Gemma (submitted by @dogdrdre)




Bindi (submitted by Shiela Estes)




Hercules (submitted by Rocky and Manders)




Phoenix (submitted by Carina Anzures)




Sophie (submitted by @jessi_a89)



All category winners will receive a gift certificate from Fetch Eyewear good for One Free Order Up To $165; a Pittie2020 T-shirt of their choice from Project Blue Collar and a Jolly Pets toy donation to a rescue of their choice.

The Best Overall Winner gets to select a pit bull rescue to receive 20% of the July sales from the Pittie2020 store link (


From Fetch Eyewear: Winner receives a $85 gift certificate from Fetch

From Jolly Pets: Winner receives a Jolly Pet toy.

From Project Blue Collar: Winner receives a Pittie2020 T-shirt.


All Honorable Mentions will receive a Match Your Pit Kit from Project Blue Collar.


Show your pibble pride and get your Pittie2020 swag! Every month, 20% of the sales through the Pittie2020 store is donated to a pit bull rescue to support their lifesaving work. Do your part an help the public SEE THEM MORE CLEARLY by sharing the Pittie2020 initiative far and wide.

SHOP PITTIE2020 HERE or bookmark this link to share with friends:

For more information about WHY we started Pittie2020, click here.

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