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by Carole Feeny |

  • : Gracie has made me change my way of thinking for sure. People can be so cruel, hateful, and judgemental but not Gracie. After all she has been through she has every right to be mad at the world but she isnt. Not one bit. She is the most loving, trusting and caring dog. Even when someone may be afraid of her she will sit politely and just put her head down and raise her paw as if to say "I'm not a bad dog, you can trust me".
  • : I rescued Gracie on January 27, 2013. She was a bait dog that was found in a bad part of town. The night I brought her home we stayed up praying all night that she would just make it to morning when our vet opened. You see Gracie was skin and bones, beyond starving. She had puncture wounds all over her head and chest area (we think from fighting), her poor ears had been chopped off, and she was so weak she could barely stand up. Sure enough this brave strong girl made it through the night and now is the light of our lives. She is my two year olds best friend and protector. She is my side kick as well. She absolutely loves attention and will "sing" (howl) to you when you come in the door, no matter how long you've been gone. Gracie never meets a stranger, she loves everyone she comes in contact with. Even our Pot belly pig! Gracie is the true PitBull. She is resilient in every way. If you were to meet her today, you would never know her past was as bad as it was except for a few scars she still has.
  • : Jackson, MS
  • : Nikki
  • : 1/27/2013

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