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Phoenix: From Rags to Riches

by Carole Feeny |

  • : I have always known that dogs are the most resilient and loving creatures on earth, but the fact that she is still so loving regardless of everything she's been through amazes me. Her story has made me realize how deep my passion is for working with rescues and being an advocate for pit bull type dogs.
  • : I love dogs, but I have a soft spot for pitties ever since we adopted our first dog, a boxer-pit mix named Bentley. After we got him, we became fans of Cesar Millan and his pit bulls as well as Tia Torres and her crew. Three pits later, and we have never looked back. After we adopted our last pup, Mack, we started working with Forgotten Dogs Rescue in Washington state. It was with them that we got our first foster, Wallace. We had him for about three weeks and off he went to his forever home. Then, in February, FDR posted Phoenix and her story, and I fell in love for the fourth time. She was found in a field very pregnant and with multiple gunshot wounds. Both her ACL's were torn, she had entropion eyelids, and two of her canines were infected. She gave birth about two weeks later. An hour after the c-section, she started hemorrhaging blood due to a tear in her vaginal wall that was caused by straining to give birth. She gave birth to 6 puppies- four did not make it unfortunately, but the other two were eventually adopted. After her puppies got adopted, I contacted Katharine, the FDR president and founder, and asked about fostering Phoenix; she's been with us since early June. At this point, we may become foster failures, but nothing has been decided. She is currently recovering from bilateral TPLO surgery, and our love for her grows more and more each day.
  • : Forgotten Dogs Rescue
  • : The Millers
  • : June 5th, 2015

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