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by Carole Feeny |

  • : Helped me realize that the stigma of the pit by the media was nothing more than lies and propaganda.
  • : I was there the day she was born. Her mom was a junkyard dog and the junkyard in Arizona. Her mom was brought home to me and we helped her with the puppies. Out of 9 puppies, only 3 survived. We had gotten mom fixed and up to date on shots. The puppies were given away to local people and then one day we got a call from Pepper's adopters that she was seizing and I asked them to explain. Well they told me when they got her from my husband, they left her in the car for 2 hours while they went shopping in WalMart and then weren't really supposed to have any pets, so left her in a garage all day with no air. We went and picked her up from the people and she kept seizing and it finally stopped and we got her fixed early as the vet said there would be a chance that she wouldn't make it if she went into heat. She has been the best dog and best dog for the family. She does have her quirks still, low vision and she has nerve issues and things like that, but she is still here. She sleeps with me at night and never leaves my side.
  • : Her mom (junkyard dog)
  • : Ronni Reed
  • : February 8, 2009

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