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Needy baby

by Carole Feeny |

  • : Needy is a special dog that I found when she was about 6 months old. She has an incredible personally that she only shares with people & dogs she trusts. She is missing part of her tail, has an outty belly button from a hernia at birth that healed itself over, and two of the biggest ears I have ever seen. She has food aggression, other dog aggression after a bad experience with a small pack of dogs being too much for her, and is unapproachable at random times. We are incredibly careful when we take her in public or on walks for her safety & for others. We do not know what happened to her before I found her but we have taken our time with her, and she has opened her heart to my family, & her two fur brothers which were discarded dogs at the beginning of their lives too. She is my love and my heart and I wouldn't I've her up for the world.
  • : When I saw her, this poor little soul with ears that looked too big for her body and head. When I took her home, sat on the back porch for two hours with flea soap, comb and a hose and she just let me help her. When she was passed out in my lap wrapped in a towel after her two hour bath ordeal and let me trim her nails. Every day when she walks from room to room just to make sure her entire family is here and okay.
  • : I was driving on the back roads by my home when I saw two people chasing this little dog which darted in front of my car. I stopped to help them catch her. The lady had a chain in her hand and the man a stick, which is probably why she was running. I asked if she was theirs, and they said no. They also said watch out she bites. Which I was shocked out because when I walked towards her she immediately rolled over showing me her flea covered belly while wagging her tail. So, I picked her up and put her in the car with no problems. We all exchanged numbers and I took her home to my husband. He waited with her on the back porch while I went and spent my last bit of cash to by flea soap, a comb, some nail trimmers and a few types of food. I posted flyers in the neighborhood, on facebook, and called the local shelters to inform them who I had. That was four years ago.
  • : Needy's mom
  • : July 2, 2012

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