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by Carole Feeny |

: Finding Penny was one of the most wonderful (and crazy!) days of my life. I was not looking for another dog at the time (we have 2 others already!) but my heart fell for Penny immediately and I couldn’t let her go. She has taught me so much about animal rescue and has inspired me to volunteer and support many local rescues in Cincinnati. Although I have been a dog mom for years, it wasn’t until I found Penny and experienced first hand taking in a stray, that I learned about the overwhelming number of animals who are homeless, abandoned, neglected, abused. I want to do everything I can to change this reality and educate others about animal adoption and rescue. I’m so grateful to Penny for teaching me this!! She is the sweetest and has changed my life forever 💗

: I think Penny found me 🙂 I am a nurse and one morning while walking into the hospital I was greeted by a beautiful pup on the loose. I enlisted the help of hospital security and they agreed to keep her in the outdoor pet therapy area for a few hours while we waited for the SPCA to arrive. She had no identification and once the dog warden arrived we learned she was not chipped. After talking to the dog warden about our options, I decided I couldn’t let her end up at the shelter and brought her home with me and reported her found. Fast forward, she made herself right at home and now has been a part of my family for a year and a half! The moment I knew she was meant to find me was when I went to check on her and she laid down on the other side of the fence (I was not able to go into the fenced pet therapy area with her) and she stuck her front paws out under the gate to touch my hands as I crouched down her to level. It was only a brief moment, but I just knew that she was special and we were meant to find each other. It was an exciting day at work, to say the least!!

: Cincinnati, OH
: Becca
: Gotcha day: 2/21/17

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