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Supporting Underdogs at Merit Pit Bull Foundation

by Carole Feeny |

 As a beneficiary of our Buy One, Give One program from May 16th-31st, Merit Pit Bull Foundation (MPBF) gets a chance to stock up on much needed supplies of collars and leashes with YOUR help. Plus, when they promote their adoptable dogs in photos, the cheerful and bright colors of PBC will make them all that more attractive to potential adopters!

We asked them a few questions to get our supporters familiar with their efforts and operations. We hope you will be inspired by their commitment to the animals in their care and the efforts they are making to save lives. 

What is involved in keeping a foster-based rescue going? (How many adoptable dogs are in your program? Where do your dogs come from?)

MPBF is a 501c3 foster based rescue that serves the entire state of North Carolina. Our success is due to our amazing foster homes and volunteers from the mountains to the coast. Merit has placed over 250 bully type dogs in loving homes since 2016. The majority of our dogs are pulled from shelters while others are owner surrenders.

What are some of the things your group is known for?

Merit is very proud of their advocacy for bully breeds. We have worked with several animal shelters across the state to overturn outdated BSL laws. We were overcome with happiness and pride to pull the first Pit Bull in over a decade from a local shelter and help them shape a new practice of making bully breeds a permanent presence on adoption row.

Merit also aids owners with our ROCCS (Resources for Owners and Canine Companions) program. This program provides owners with resources that will allow them to keep their pets rather than surrendering them. This program assists with veterinary assistance, training, pet food, and supplies. We also assist owners in securing affordable spaying/neutering services.

Describe some of the more challenging moments in rescue and how you/the other volunteers got through it.

With happiness comes sadness. Merit has had dogs with health ailments that they could not overcome. These losses are felt throughout the organization. Once a dog joins Merit they are with Merit forever, they may not come into the rescue knowing love and kindness but that changes the moment they enter the loving hearts and homes of our volunteers. Despite our different geographic locations covering hundreds of miles Merit is a close knit, supportive family.

What is the most rewarding part about volunteering? What would you say to others who are considering volunteering for a group like yours?

Volunteering with Merit is wonderful. There is an opportunity for you with Merit that you will love. We have events, application teams, fosters, board positions, social media, merchandise, advocacy, fundraising, training, and more! It's so wonderful to see how people come together to share their love for bully breeds! Our volunteers are also active with other organizations including Pinups For Pitbulls and BadRap.

Let us know anything else you'd like to share with us.

Merit is very excited to be part of the PBC campaign. We agree that every rescue dog has a story and love to celebrate them!! Thank you so much for your support!!

Be sure to follow MPBF on Facebook and Instagram.


Don't need a new collar or leash right now? No problem. By simply placing a note in your order, we will gladly send your purchase directly to the shelter, along with a note from you and the free one from us. 

Support Underdogs at Merit Pit Bull Foundation!"


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