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Mya: The story of how she saved my life

by Carole Feeny |

  • : It's taken me a year to write this story. It's hard. Mya came to me at a very bad time in my life. I had lost one of my dogs and was going through a separation. I wasn't looking for a new dog. It took everything I had to get up to a new day. I was just trying to keep myself from self-harm. I went to pick her up as a favor to a friend. I didn't want to do it, but I did. It didn't happen right away. Not on her part; I was her new favorite person. For me, I didn't want someone else to rely on me... just in case. But she wormed her way in. She gave me a renewed desire to live. She wouldn't let me curl up and stop. Everytime I look into her face, I have to give thanks for her being brought into my life. She saved my life.
  • : Mya came from a situation where she was bred repeatedly for puppies. She had seizures from being hit in the head with a rock thrown from a mower. She had very little hair from fleas. I went to pick her up to deliver her to a foster. She trembled as I picked her up since she had very little socialization. She spent the night in my bed and two days later nursed a litter of abandoned 2 week old kittens that found their way to me.
  • : A friend of a friend
  • : Misty Riley

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