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by Carole Feeny |

  • : Hannah: Franklin has made me a more patient person. He is an extremely patient dog, both with me as his owner and the other doggies that sometimes run him over when playing. He never loses his cool ever! Patrick: Franklin was the first dog I've had that I actually was the one taking care of ( not counting a dog I had when I was very young that my parents took care of ) and he has shown me the true meaning of "man's best friend." Having a puppy is real hard work and a ton of responsibility but the trade off I get - getting to cuddle with him on the couch at the end of the day and getting lots of love from him. He is my gym buddy, running partner, and cuddle buddy and I love him tons!
  • : We had originally gone to PAWs to look at another dog, but it turned out that dog was very young and would not have gotten along well with the dog we already had. We were looking at the other dogs and when we walked by Franklin's cage he immediately rolled on his back and was quiet - something none of the other dogs did! We opened the cage and he stayed motionless on his back and looked at us with eyes that said all he wanted was to be loved. From that moment on we knew he would be perfect for us and for Sam, the dog we already had!
  • : PAWs of Rutherford County
  • : Hannah and Patrick

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