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by Carole Feeny |

  • : "Three-legged wonder Aqua Merm" - She is a sweetheart of a Mermaid...she loves water, people and despises my other dog. She battled with him last year and caused me to have micro hand surgery. Lost a few digits but still love her. Now we crate and re-crate but still believe we can give her a good life. She loves us and is very happy and spoiled.
  • : I was volunteering at the shelter and when she hopped out with three legs she captured my heart. My partner subsequently went to meet her and now she is Daddy's little girl. I knew that a black pittie mix who happened to be three-legged would never be adopted. So we snatched her up, gave her fifteen blankets to comfort her and now she is a queen! She gets pills for her future issues, the best food you can imagine...she loves listening to classical music...and a true Mermaid, loves the water!
  • : NSPCA
  • : Allen
  • : We celebrate it in August

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