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Knox the Wonderdog!

by Kristin Waters |

  • : When you rescue a dog you know that they are going to be special but you are never quite prepared for what you have just brought home. Knox was no exception. Before adopting Knox I had been diagnosed with Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome, which causes me to have dizzy spells and fainting on a daily basis. My boyfriend and I thought a dog would be a good distraction from all of the stress and mental exhaustion that comes with being ill. I was surprised by what we brought home in that adorable white wiggly dog. He has been able to recognize when I pass out and scampers to my side. He covers me with puppy kisses and paws on me to wake up. It's a lot less terrifying to wake up from a fainting spelling when you have an excited dog in your face. My illness has hindered my ability to get a "normal" job but I was tired of spending my time laying around feeling sorry for myself, so I took inspiration from the one I love the most, Knox. I started designing dog bowls, toy boxes, and painting dog signs. With the help of my family, I have created Homeward Hound, my very own doggy décor business that I take to dog shows and craft events. It has been an amazing opportunity that has allowed me to feel like myself again. With Knox by my side, nothing is going to hold me back. Not even an illness. Knox is not just a dog, he is my hero.
  • : My boyfriend and I went to the shelter in search of a dog just for my boyfriend. He was looking at all of the dogs that were barking and jumping around in the kennels. It was obvious that he wanted one with high energy to match his personality. Unfortunately, his apartment had a weight restriction and all of those dogs were too big. That's when I saw Knox. I knew he was perfect for me, gentle and calm, but we weren't there for me. My boyfriend remembers him staring at the wall with his sick looking body not moving. We agreed to meet Knox in a private room to see if it was the right match. I think my boyfriend was just doing it to please me originally. When they brought him into the room we could see in his eyes that he was not feeling well but he wagged his tail and curled up on the floor in between us, laying his head on my lap and then on my boyfriends. The shelter volunteer explained to us that he had been going through heartworm treatment so he was on medication that may make drowsy. She said he had also been brought back to the shelter by two other families and only had until the end of the week. My boyfriend and I both just looked at each other. We knew what that meant. We couldn't leave there without Knox. We didn't even want to get up off of the cold shelter floor. He had chosen us when he laid his little head down in our laps. We took him home that afternoon! A year later Knox had to have an x-ray done because his first heartworm treatment did not take. The vet discovered that he had been shot with a BB gun and about 12 pellets still remain in his abdomen. The only story we got from the shelter was that he was a stray in Tennessee before he was brought up to their shelter in West Michigan. If he could talk I'm sure there is more to tell of abuse and struggle. He doesn't deserve what happened to him in the past but it just confirms that we were meant to be. Knox is in a safe home with two loving parents that only want what is best for him now.
  • : Humane Society of West Michigan
  • : Crystal
  • : Gotchya Day- July 23, 2016

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