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by Carole Feeny |

  • : Darcys strength and story changed my entire life from the moment I learned about her. Darcy was seized from another rescue and when she was seized, she was on the brink of death; she had no hair on her head, feet or tail, a bloody face and was extrememly emaciated. Because Darcy's condition was so severe and the vet treating her stated she was a clear case of exorbitant neglect, a week after she was seized, 38 other dogs were seized from the same place. All of the dogs, including Darcy were placed in protective custody. Many people in the community rallied in support of Darcy, packing the courtroom wearing "I stand with Darcy" shirts, and Darcy quickly became a community icon. Once the court proceedings came to an end and she was healthy enough, Darcy became available for adoption. I then adopted her and she immediately became my entire world. Adopting Darcy was the start of an incredible adventure.  Learning of Darcy's story, knowing everything she'd been through and the fact she survived against all odds, inspired me. After losing my dog of 4 years to bone cancer suddenly, I couldn't think of anything better than to give Darcy the life she deserved. I am a domestic violence victim advocate and can closely correspond domestic violence aftermath with what Darcy experienced and continues to experience. She will never have hair on her head or tail, but she doesn't let that slow her down. Darcy has taught me so many things about forgiveness, patience and healing, it is profoundly astounding. In turn of what she has taught me, she has made me a better friend, daughter, sister, advocate and person. Darcy changed my life in every capacity and continues to do so. She has a peaceful presence about her and it almost leaves you speechless. She is calming, loving and leaves your heart indefinitely full.
  • : I knew we were meant for each other when we had our first meet and greet.  Her beaming brown eyes locked with mine and it was like she was reaching through my soul; I just knew we would make a perfect pair. On adoption day, there were many tears shed from her supporters; tears of joy for this being a new chapter for her. When she came out to my car, she jumped in without hesitation, flopped on her back and started rolling around. In that moment, we all knew that she knew she was home.
  • :Oneida County Humane Society in Rhinelander, WI
  • :Vanessa DeWalt
  • :2/6/2018

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