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by Carole Feeny |

Adopter Name

Rich Endean & Rick Evans

Rescue Dog’s Name


Where Did You Find Your Dog?

Brysons Animal Refuge, UK –

Tell Us About the Moment When You Knew that You Two Were Meant for Each Other.

When we visited the local dog shelter, Elvis (a boxer-labrador mix) was the one dog who came trotting over to us in his pen, tail wagging, jumping up and licking our fingers through the bars (with his ridiculously comedic extra-long tongue!). Our decision was pretty much made by then. After a few weeks of visiting – to walk him, take him on days out and get to know him, we quickly fell in love with him and when the day came to take him home, he was so excited to see us when the volunteers brought him through he managed to headbutt one of us and bust his own nose, which was a great start!

How Has Your Hero Changed Your Life?

He’s undoubtedly one of the pack living with his two new Dads. He goes to work with one of us, travels on the local Metro system and makes friends everywhere he goes. Weekends are now spent visiting local forests and beaches for long walks here in Northern England – he absolutely LOVES the beach, and it also means we get to visit some amazing places with him. He’s a total character, always has us laughing, is great fun to be around and at home there’s nothing better than having a 30kg slab of devoted dog fall asleep on your chest and snore contentedly in your ear. Visit Elvis’ Facebook page:

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