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Castle & Angel

by Carole Feeny |

Adopter Name

Andrew and Chelsea Stieb-Brittenham

Rescue Dog’s Name

Castle & Angel

Where Did You Find Your Dog?

We adopted both dogs from W.A.R.F., Wylie Animal Rescue Foundation, based in Incline Village, NV. When we adopted Angel, she was being fostered by the dog trainer we use, Malaika Heinbaugh, owner of Dog Gone Amazing in Reno, NV.

Tell Us About the Moment When You Knew that You Two Were Meant for Each Other.

The day my husband, Andrew, and I adopted Castle, was perfect. We honestly refer to it as, ”the perfect day.” We were out running errands, getting lunch when we passed a local hotel/casino hosting a huge event in the parking lot. I immediately saw a Pedigree flag and convinced Andrew to pull in. We had only just put our Akita down a few months prior but I am too much of a dog lover to have let this pass us by. We walked around looking at all the different dog rescue foundations from our area, but connected instantly to Castle, our Bull Terrier mix. Andrew has always wanted a Bull Terrier, so he noticed him right away. After taking him on a walk around the parking lot, neither one of us could think of leaving him, so he was ours! After having Castle almost 3 years, we decided that another dog would do him good. He’s a social butterfly! One day my aunt forwarded me an email flyer from W.A.R.F. desperately seeking someone to adopt Angel. She had a sad story, as she had been adopted several times from various families, but surrendered in the end because they were not willing to correct some behaviors that had surfaced from being treated poorly all her life. Her last owner had adopted her shortly before relocating to New York. Angel traveled in a crate to Baton Rouge, where her owner was keeping her until they settled in their new house. After two weeks the shelter holding her could not reach her new owners who had shut off their phones, so in desperation they contacted W.A.R.F. to help out. She had to fly back to Sacramento in her crate, then driven home the 2.5 hours to get back to Incline Village. I contacted them immediately to see if she would be a good fit for Castle and our family. Unfortunately right after starting a conversation with the rescue, my husband took a job in California. We decided to hold off on the family expansion until we new what his long-term plans were. And the story continues…After a few months had passed, I went to Dog Gone Amazing to pick up Castle after a day of doggie daycare when I saw an adorable pit that I didn’t recognize in the mix with all the others. Malaika mentioned she was fostering and training the dog until they could find her a new home. Turns out, it was Angel! When I told Malaika the big long story about our previous adoption plans, she was so excited that she encouraged me to take Angel home to see how we fit as a family and we’ve kept her ever since!

How Has Your Hero Changed Your Life?

My dogs have taught me that no matter what you can still forgive; that a good hike will help you sleep better at night; that it’s always a good time to show affection; that spooning your loved one is the only way to sleep-even if they can’t move and only have an inch of mattress; that once you’re family, you’re family forever.

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