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Bo and Chester

by Carole Feeny |

Adopter Name

Lori Walker

Rescue Dog's Name

Bo and Chester

Where Did You Find Your Dog?

(Bo came from Florida Boxer Rescue. Chester came from Best Friends Animal Society.) Late August 2008, we were asked to foster a male boxer who had wandered onto someone's farm and killed one of the property owner's chickens. Luckily, the person who encountered the skinny, older stray male with arthritis and bad hips was a kind soul who contacted Florida Boxer Rescue (FBR).

Tell Us About the Moment When You Knew that You Two Were Meant for Each Other.

A distinguished boxer boy arrived in the back passenger seat of a volunteer's car. We would soon learn this was 'his' seat in every vehicle. He was our 7th foster and we were not looking to adopt anytime soon. Within a few weeks, 'Bo' as we started calling him, had already decided he was home and we were his people. Decision made, we completed the adoption agreement and became foster flunkies. Little did we know, we struck gold with a most amazing dog who would change not only our lives, but the lives of other boxers. Since I work at home, Bo would 'help" by making sure I was in the office by a certain time & staying by my side all day. If I was late getting started in the morning, he'd steer me to the office. Walks were his favorite, he loved to check on his neighborhood. With his hip pain and arthritis kept under control, he loved to be told to 'get your shoes on' - as that meant walk time. He loved going for rides - it didn't matter where, he just liked to 'go' - of course sitting in his favorite place. We continued to foster, flunking again with his sister, Sasha (foster #8). Each time learning more from Bo, than we ever could from any other source. Bo displayed amazing patience with puppies and young dogs, taking them under his paw, protecting them and correcting them when necessary. When we had dogs/puppies with Demodex, Bo was especially gentle and comforting with them. Same with dogs who were emotionally bruised and afraid to trust people. The foster dog would cling to Bo as they learned people were okay and life could be good.

How Has Your Hero Changed Your Life?

We met Chester in late August 2013 while volunteering at Best Friends and instantly connected. While we were not able to adopt him on the spot as Bo deserved peace at 12 years of age. While I hoped Chester would get his forever family as soon as possible, but should the day come when Bo crosses the bridge and he still needed a home, we'd come back for him. I helped Bo cross the Bridge only six weeks later. He had not been feeling well and one morning he let me know it was time.... . We are grateful for the 5 years, 1 month and 2 weeks we had him. He has been by my side every step of the way. He was my therapist, confidant and best friend. We are so thankful he came into our lives. We love you & miss you so much. We will see you again....until then, run free at the Rainbow Bridge. I think Bo knew he had done all he set out to do & it was time to let another soul continue to help other dogs. It was time to get Chester.... After completing the application and getting travel arranged...we welcomed Chester home on November 15th. Time for his 'happily ever after'. Bo will never be replaced, but he will always be honored. I can think of no better soul to do just that than Chester. Chester is GOLD. Of course, everyone who met him already knew that. Our foster puppy, Olivia, has a huge crush on him. Even Sasha, our stand-offish boxer, has already warmed up to him. Believe me, that's a record. She usually ignores new dogs for a minimum of two weeks. Who, after all, can resist such a charming guy like Chester? Our neighborhood has anxiously awaited Chester's arrival & all are impressed with his calm demeanor and polite behavior. He doesn't react to bicyclists, runners, other dogs, traffic. We DO have to be on the lookout for our area feral cats, however. He LOVES his walks & we take several a day - in morning, early evening & night. It's STILL very hot & humid here. Chester has learned which neighbors keep treats on hand. All the dogs sleep in our room at night & cuddle together. It's very sweet. I truly believe Bo was ready for Chester to carry on his legacy of helping other dogs. He is going to be a wonderful foster brother and mentor for dogs from Florida Boxer Rescue. Chester is helping me heal from the incredible pain of missing Bo. I'm grateful that Chester will be able to follow in the footsteps of his predecessor. Thank you, Best Friends, for making it possible.

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