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by Carole Feeny |

Adopter Name

Scarmes Family

Rescue Dog’s Name


Where Did You Find Your Dog?

We were looking for a larger dog, and stumbled across this big goofy puppy at an adoption event.

Tell Us About the Moment When You Knew that You Two Were Meant for Each Other.

More the family and he knew we were meant for each other. When each of us got to hold Blake he was 35 or so pounds, one third of how big he would be as an adult. He had massive paws, a pink spot on his nose, was lighter colored than his siblings, and he was goofy. He had a great personality and is always smiling.

How Has Your Hero Changed Your Life?

He has changed our lives with helping us be more patient, he is very stubborn and we have grown to love that stubbornness. He also has changed our lives with being happy. He is always smiling and being the center of attention. He loves to go out with us, no matter if it’s to the top of the driveway or to get ice cream, he always wants to be where the people are.

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