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Art, Sketch, Noah, Twister, Possum

by Carole Feeny |

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Rescue Dog’s Name

Art, Sketch, Noah, Twister, Possum

Where Did You Find Your Dog?

Art was a stray picked up by our local animal control. He spent his two weeks waiting for but his time was up. A local rescue agreed to take him and I agreed to foster a new dog. Well it was love at first sight. I knew within hours that this dog was special and was meant to be in our home. Sketch was dumped at an animal hospital to be euthanized at 4 months old by a pet store because ”he couldn’t be sold” due to the large amount of damage to his left side. Well the loving staff had to give him a chance. It was soon found that this poor boy had a severely broken hip that could only have been caused by an extreme amount of force. Surgeries and years of physical therapy later, Sketch is now 4 years old and the sweetest dog you’ll ever meet. Noah was a neglect case chained in a yard most of his life in the Florida heat, his ”owners” decided to dump him at a dog park when they were fined for neglect. Animal control finally caught him after 3 days of roaming the dog park hungry, scared and filthy. During his first 24 hours at animal control he was mauled by another dog while being walked. Luckily for Noah a wonderful rescue organization agreed to take him and pay for all of his medical bills to put him back together. Lucky for us the vet they chose was the one we worked at, Noah melted our hearts and now lives the life of luxury. Twister was found along with her mother and litter of siblings on the side of a highway. They were unfortunately brought to a high kill shelter initially but lucky for all of them a rescue took all 9 of them in before they were put to sleep. Lucky for us this little tornado of a dog found her way into our lives. Possum was found in a junk yard at 3 months old. The local neighbors said they had not been feeding him, siccing their dogs on him and throwing things at him in hopes he would run away. This poor little pup was living off of the very same trash he was being terrified by and trying desperately to stay alive. We immediately grabbed him and took him home. We did not plan on keeping him, just wanted to get him out of a bad situation. Unfortunately, Possum was too fearful of strangers and other dogs to be rehomed. Fortunately, he had become a wonderful dog in our home. He excels at agility and disc dog.

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