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Wilson (IG: @Wilsonthesleepy)

by Carole Feeny |

Adopter’s Name:   Jamie Karnes

Where Did You Find Your Dog?:  We had been talking about getting a dog and were looking online one day at all the local shelters in the area. That’s when we saw him posted online at the Atlanta Humane Society. We knew we had to go and meet him.

The Moment You Knew that You Two Were Meant for Each Other: 

When we got to the AHS, we described what we were looking for in a dog (without mentioning wanting to meet anyone specific) and the people at the front desk said that Wilson (formerly Angus) was the one for us. We headed towards the back and were looking at all the dogs and then we saw him. When we walked away to find someone to take him out so we could meet him, he jumped about 5 ft high in the air as if to say ”wait! You forgot me!” We did a meet & greet with our other dog and it was settled, he was coming home with us.

How Has Your Rescue Dog Hero Changed Your Life?:  Wilson loves everyone. Whether it’s a person, dog, cat, or even a bug on the floor, he wants to be everyone’s best friend. He is always wagging his tail and is always happy. He even wags his tail in his sleep!

I remember one of the first times I brought him to the dog park, a women poked him away from her dog with a stick and said that they ”don’t play with aggressive breeds”. From then on I knew he was going to be the perfect advocate, not only for shelter dogs, but for all dogs who get discriminated against based on their looks and what breed they are.

He’s constantly surprising people and showing them that no matter the breed, size, or what may have happened in their past, shelter dogs can be, and are, the most loving of dogs.

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