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When resources are strained but lives are at stake...

by Kristin Waters |

We are trying out something new as a way to help our PBC Rescue Partners. Oftentimes rescues find themselves in tough financial situations when they take on severe medical cases. We applaud them for their willingness to help those in dire need. However, it can put extreme strain on their budget. To help them out during these tough times, we will selectively offer certain groups 50% back from all sales generated through their dedicated link for a specified amount of time.

Our first such group is Stray Animal Adoption Program (SAAP). Beginning today through the end of April, SAAP will receive 50% of all sales generated through:

Here's why:

SAAP recently took on not one, but two pretty tough situations and they need help covering the medical expenses associated with each dog.


Ida has lived her entire life (up until now) chained outside being used for breeding. She came to SAAP with a litter of puppies who have all since been adopted. When she was young her growth plates were broken by some kind of trauma. Her wrists are most likely in some discomfort now and this will get worse with age. By the time she is 7-8 arthritis will kick in and cause considerable pain. The good news is this is fixable. They can do surgery on one leg at a time. Each leg will take 6 weeks time to heal. The necessary surgery will cost close to $6,000. Fundraising has already started and they are half way there.



This story is a little more difficult to tell. She has been named Miracle for a reason. A SAAP supporter noticed something going on across the street from her that looked suspicious. She followed her gut instinct and went over to check it out. Her neighbor, a questionable man, was digging what appeared to be a grave. She asked the man's girlfriend about it and learned that he was in fact digging a grave for a young pittie they had.

Day1The dog had been tossed in the garbage until the grave was ready. Our friend pulled her out of the garbage and found that she was still alive. She wasn't conscious but she was breathing. She had been starved to near death and came close to being buried alive. Luckily for Miracle an angel was watching over her and this angel rushed her to the vet and began networking immediately for a rescue to step up. Well that rescue was SAAP. Miracle is now recovering and living with a wonderful foster family.


It is cases such as these that make SAAP that much more special. Our way of helping them pay for the care is to offer 50% back from everything purchased on their direct Project Blue Collar store. If you are in need of collars, leashes, dog hoodies - you name it - get them here and give back to SAAP at the same time:

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