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by Carole Feeny |

  • : Watson has given us unconditional love, structure and a daily schedule along with crazy amounts of exercise with the 3-5 miles we walk him every day. He has taught us that even dogs with extreme cases of fear aggression can be rehabilitated and can learn to trust and love again.
  • : We had been looking on PetFinder for months and came across a miniature schnauzer that had a gigantic smile and one ear up and one ear down. We loved his goofy grin and crazy ears. When we went to the foster's to meet him we learned the extent of his fear aggression. He barked at us for a good five minutes but when he crawled into my lap and looked me in the eye it was his plea for us to take him home.
  • : Cincinnati schnauzer rescue
  • : Phil and Shannon
  • : January 24, 2015

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