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Pittie Please, Pittie Lovers!

by Carole Feeny |

  It's Pitbull Awareness Month, so we are extra super stoked to have Pittie Please Rescue as our BOGO beneficiary from October 16-31! A recently formed foster-based rescue in the Chicagoland area, PPR is already up to big things and supporting underdogs everywhere/anytime they can! They also rescue other types of dogs in need, so they don't discriminate when it comes to saving lives. Read more about this mighty group of devoted pibble advocates from their founder, Monica Behnke.  

What is involved in keeping Pittie Please Rescue going?

Pittie Please Rescue has rescued 35 dogs since the beginning of July and currently has 19adoptable dogs, and counting. PPR is rescuing dogs from DuPage County Animal Care and Control as well as a south-side intake only

shelter in Chicago. We wouldn’t be able to say “and counting” without our amazing fosters and advocates. Our group of supporters keeps us going and is constantly giving us the motivation to keep moving forward, no matter what in rescue is thrown our way. Challenging moments are inevitable. They come and go no matter what you are working on or what you are trying to achieve.

Describe some of the more challenging moments in rescue and how you/the other volunteers got through it.

Being a brand-new rescue, we’ve already taken multiple medical cases that have really taken a toll on us. Off the bat, we took in two heartworm positive dogs that appeared to be healthy and a puppy that was beaten but allegedly “woke up like this”. While she wasn’t singing Beyoncé when we picked her up, the name seemed fitting for a little girl who had already endured so much. However, these medical cases didn’t slow us down. We hit the ground running. It gave us motivation to do right by not only them, but all other dogs we had dreams of rescuing. We came together as a team to find the best treatment that would work for them and never let it destroy our determination.

What are some of the things your group is known for?

At PPR, we are known for never turning a dog down. While we primarily rescue pit bull type dogs, we are actually an all-breed rescue. Any dog that needs a second chance at life is one that we want to help. Whether they weigh 4 pounds, have long flowy hair or have a block head, they all have a chance with Pittie Please Rescue. We don't discriminate based on breed. Any dog rescued is a life saved. Here at PPR, when a dog needs our help, we will do anything and everything in our power to make sure we have an open spot for him/her. Being a foster-based rescue, sometimes things get tricky, but again with the help of our amazing advocates and supporters we somehow always pull it off. Pittie Please Rescue also never gives up.

In July, when PPR started, we met a dog named Niko. For months and months, Niko sat at the shelter waiting. He went to the shelter as a big terrified puppy who growled at many passers-bys. He was stressed and confused as to why he was at the shelter. Volunteers worked endlessly with Niko. He soon began to see that human interaction was a positive thing and he worked on obedience with many shelter volunteers. Boy did Niko blossom, but he still sat. We made a promise to Niko that we would be back for him one day and that we wouldn’t give up on him. And we sure as heck didn’t. Niko became our lucky number 32. After months and months of searching for the perfect foster home who would dedicate their time to continuing to work with Niko, we finally found the perfect fit and busted him out of the shelter in October.

What is the most rewarding part about volunteering? What would you say to others who are considering volunteering for a group like yours?

When it comes to volunteering, one of our advocates said it best, “every dog deserves a chance and to be able to help that dog get its chance, even just by helping transport or handling a dog at an event—that’s everything.”  Knowing when you rescue a dog from a shelter, you are actually rescuing two by opening a kennel for the next dog coming in means something. To anyone who is considering fostering or volunteering, you are changing a life and making a huge difference. While what you’re doing may seem small at first, driving a dog to the vet is the difference of them being healthy or not. Handling a dog at an adoption event is the difference of them finding their “furever” home or not. And donating to a local rescue is the difference of that rescue being able to save another dog or not. You are making a difference in the world when you support rescue.

When you buy any item from our BOGO collection from 10/16-31, we will donate the same to Pittie Please Rescue. Not only will your dog be an advocate for dog adoption, but you'll help this great group outfit their adoptables in function and style!

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