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by Carole Feeny |

Adopter Name

Lizzie & Brad

Rescue Dog’s Name


Where Did You Find Your Dog?

See Spot Rescued- Jersey City, NJ

Tell Us About the Moment When You Knew that You Two Were Meant for Each Other.

We had just moved to Jersey City and were both missing our dogs from home. We had been thinking of adopting, but wanted to give it a little more time. After discovering See Spot Rescued and seeing that these adoptable dogs were going to be right around the corner from us at a community event the following week, we decided to check them out and thank good ness we did! We were interested in Piper from the minute we saw her profile on the SSR website. It broke our hearts to see that Piper and many of the other dogs came from high kill shelters in the south and wanted to do something quickly. After meeting her at the event, we knew we just had to add this little girl to our family(it was so hard to not take all of the dogs with us)!

How Has Your Hero Changed Your Life?

Piper has been an absolute joy to say the least. She is so wonderful and loving. She is the biggest snuggle bunny and just wants to be friends with everyone she meets. She is quite the popular one around our building and neighborhood. We have never experienced one ounce of anger or unhappiness from her in the 7 months since we brought her home. She is so easy going, but once you get her worked up, she could play for hours! She has taught us so much over these past few months as well-especially patience. Our days are that much better knowing that we have her adorable little face waiting for us at home – I couldn’t imagine life without her!

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