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by Carole Feeny |

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Where Did You Find Your Dog?

Noelle was turned in to Animal Control in Palm Beach County, FL. I am a foster mom for the shelter dogs in need. She was over bred, abused, starved, flea infested and terrified. An email went out by the most awesome foster coordinator, Tammy Roberts, that she was in need of a foster to gain weight. I immediately emailed and got her in my name for fostering. I wasn’t too sure I wanted to get another dog at the moment. I had just put my senior boxer down. My sister raced to ACC to get her to me the day she came in to ACC. She was very very hungry and just terrified to move. I got her settled in a crate with some food and went back to work.

Tell Us About the Moment When You Knew that You Two Were Meant for Each Other.

She stole my heart that night. I fed them all and she was doing well so I left her crate door open. I went to watch TV and just let her roam around. She came right out with me and jumped up on the couch and curled up next to me the 1st night and that’s where she stays when I am home. She was 21 lbs when she arrived. She is now about 45-50. Plump little thing and VERY defensive of ”her” pack lol. Shes sweet as can be till another dog messes with her buddies. She gained weight, was ok’d for adoption and went home with me the next day. She is healthy, got her hair back and shiny now. She is very special. I got her just after my 9yr old Boxer had to be put to sleep. She saved us as much as we saved her.

How Has Your Hero Changed Your Life?

I rescue a lot of dogs. I always have 10 in the house. I had taken in one that was a seriously dangerous dog. The day before I was to move her out of the house she almost fatally attaked another dogs. Noelle, all 50lbs of her, fought that dog off the other one and stood over the injured dog for 4 hours until I got home. She not only saved us when we lost my 9yr old Boxers. She saved the life of one of my other Boxers from certain death from the attack. I knew Noelle was special the day I met her but never imagined she save our lives, literally!!! She is one of my foster failures and is a permanent member of the household now.

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