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MAZI - by Tyra Sinclair-Smith

by Carole Feeny |

November 13th we had to say goodbye to our handsome GusGus ❤️

Gus was my first dog when I moved out of my parents house in 2014.

He was truly my best friend so when I had to send him to the rainbow bridge - my heart was shattered.

I missed his silly face and all the quirks he had.

I missed his presence and I was super lonely.

My husbands dog doesn't pay me much mind because she is so attached to him.

Lexi is wonderful but it just wasn't the same as having my own dog.

I was searching 25 rescues in Alberta every single day looking for my new best friend.

I had almost given up hope when a lady at our local dog park told me about The Sula Society in Puerta Vallarta, Mexico.

I figured why not give it a try!

I went home and went to their facebook page and there she was.

Kira! A 3 year old pitty cross that walked a little funny due to being in a car accident previously.

The rescue picked her up in June off the streets of PV.

They were called to come get her by someone who said she was run over and unable to move.

The reports were that when she tried to stand she would fall back down.

The rescue showed up and found her not wanting to move laying down on the sidewalk.

They carefully moved her onto a sheet to transport her to the car to take her to the vet.

All of the sudden Kira shot up to her feet - it was a miracle!

She went to the vet still as she still needed some serious help but she was so happy to be rescued.

Her story made my heart happy.

I knew I had to have her - she was perfect!

She was great with dogs, cats and kids which is exactly what we needed as we also have another dog and a 2.5 year old little boy.

I worked on the application for over 2 hours to ensure I did not leave anything out.

I wanted to make sure I explained in every detail how perfect of a home we had for her.

I submitted it and the wait was the worst wait ever!

I was so nervous and obsessively checking my email to see if they responded.

FINALLY! I got the amazing news we were approved for Kira! 

I cried an embarassing amount - my new little fuzz butt was coming home to me!

We changed her name to Mazi as that was a name I felt was perfect for her ❤️

Now the hard part started - finding someone flying from Puerto Vallarta to Calgary when travel was not advised due to the Covid 19 Pandemic.

I found a wonderful lady who offered to bring Mazi home to me in February (It was December when I was approved).

Due to changes in flights and restrictions my flight angel unfortunately had to cancel her trip meaning Mazi wasnt coming home in February with her anymore.

Then Lisa from Sula told me about another flight angel they had secured for January 16th. 

I was EXTATIC! She was coming home a month sooner than I expected.

The flight angel made it very clear there would be no way she would be cancelling her trip so I was so happy and confident she was coming home January 16th.

Thursday, January 7th at 10:30 pm I received devastating news - the flight angel had backed out.


It was followed with amazing news! Mazi had been booked on a flight January 9th arriving at 8:35 pm.


I cried...alot...I could not control my excitement.

I got our house ready and on the 9th at 7 pm my husband and I began our drive to go to the Calgary Airport to pickup our girl!

Her plane landed at 8:35 pm - we waited around 2 hours for her to come out of customs. 

I was sitting on the ground at the airport impatiently waiting and all of the sudden I saw her kennel wheel around the corner with the flight angels.

Instant tears! She was here! It was real! She was MINE!

The kennel was zip tied shut but I made my husband figure out a way to get the door open so I could hug her.

We opened the door and she dove out into my arms and I just squeezed her so tight and told her how happy she made me.

We brought her home and everything has been perfect since.

She instantly became best friends with our other dog - she instantly bonded with our 2.5 year old son and she is my bestie.

She is the greatest cuddler and the most gentle and calm dog I have ever met.

Mazi has gained weight and is very healthy.

She looks like a totally different dog since she arrived.
A loving home in Canada with me is just what she needed.

She enjoys napping wherever the sun is peeking through the window, running at the dog park, going on walks and car rides and of course - cuddle time.

We are beyond thrilled to have her and the whole experience with The Sula Society was incredible.

Lisa and her Mom , along with all of the people apart of the Sula are truly beautiful humans inside and out.

Thank you Sula Society for picking us and making my heart so happy. 

I miss GusGus terribly and he will always be a huge part of my heart but Mazi has so many qualities that Gus had and she helps me so much everyday.

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