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Mary Jane

by Carole Feeny |

  • : She’s changed my life in so many ways. She was a stray, far too little to be wandering the streets. I had never owned a pitbull and thought I never would; Mary changed all that. She’s literally my best friend. I can’t fall asleep without her cuddles, she goes everywhere my husband and I go. She inspired me to rescue 3 more pitbulls, whom she loves and plays with. She is beyond just being a dog, she’s family.
  • : The very first night, my husband got her a little kennel with blankets to sleep in. I snuck out of bed to check on her. Her little eyes opened up and I couldn’t look away. I snuck her back into bed with me and that’s where she’s slept ever since. She won’t cuddle with anyone else.
  • : Wandering the streets
  • : Katie
  • : May 24th 2015

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