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Jake & Elwood

by Carole Feeny |

  • : When Jake turned six he went blind in just one month. We were shocked and felt bad for him, but we decided early that if there was nothing we could do, we'd at least begin teaching him new commands that would enable him to move around on the walk. He took to the commands and learned the layout of the house very quickly. He also learned to open the locked trashcan, their food container, and fish pans out of the sink. One year later he was diagnosed with lymphoma. His chemo treatments make him tired, but do NOT slow him down. Through all his obstacles, he carries on. It's inspiring to us to apply what we see him doing in our own lives. He has an indomitable spirit and we try to emulate that. It's wonderful what you can learn from a dog if you only listen.
  • : We were buying our first house and excited to finally be able to get a dog. Instead this bonded pair was in the Burbank shelter, and the volunteers did not want to separate them. We were planning to get two dogs anyway so we figured a bonded pair would be perfect. They were found as strays in the area and would cry incessantly when separated. The Volunteers of the shelter decided they would name them after another pair that were bonded brothers but obviously not from the same mother who met at an orphanage, the Blues Brothers. The names were absolutely perfect for them because after we got them to our new home the one and a half year olds would leave a path of destruction in their wake. They finally learned obedience and manners, thank goodness.
  • : Burbank Shelter, California
  • : Robert and Cyndy
  • : December 2, 2009

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