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Fendi (AKA Tootsie)

by Carole Feeny |

  • : This sweet girl has brought such joy to our family. She is loving, playful and full of energy. The moment she came to live with us you could see in her eyes that she knew that she was home. I can't imagine not having her as a part of our family even though she has only been here a short time. We love her to pieces!
  • : I was scrolling down on my newsfeed on Facebook when I happen to see a litter of puppies on a local rescues page. I knew that we probably did not need another dog since we have a couple of elderly small breed dogs already. I just couldn't resist one in particular though! A small white puppy with light colored eyes absolutely captured my heart. I called the local rescue and the litter was already on their way to another rescue center in Wisconsin since they did not have a foster for them at the time. I thought to myself that I probably did not need another dog anyway and that they would be adopted to people that really loved them. A couple of weeks went by and to my surprise they found four more puppies from the same litter in the exact same place that the first few were found. I was contacted by one of the volunteers from the rescue and was told that they had another white puppy that looked almost identical to the one that I wanted the first time. I didn't even hesitate to tell her that I definitely wanted her when she was ready to go to a forever home. I didn't even know what she looked like or even what breed she was, but I knew that we needed her in our family! After a couple of weeks passed, we met on a parking lot in our home town to pick her up. The excitement was almost more than I could stand when we pulled up and her foster got out to give her to me. I got out and took her from her foster and had an immediate connection to her. She is the absolute sweetest dog and I am honored to have had the privilege to adopt her!
  • : Diamonds in the Ruff Rescue
  • : Lindsey M.
  • : Feb. 6, 2017

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