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"Darla - The Pup We Didn't Know We Wanted"

by Carole Feeny |

  • : Darla came into our lives when we really needed it - but didn't know we needed it. My husband and I married in October 2015 after dating 3 years and a 5 year long engagement - so 8 total years together and we finally had our dream day. Before the wedding he left a position with a car dealership in which he experienced great success for a position with a great company that would eventually allow him to own his own business. About a week after we were married - that offer fell thru and ever since then he has bounced around from job to job to find the right fit. One wouldn't pay enough while another had long hours - this had been going on for quite some time; I was wearing thin, he was wearing himself ragged. We were both stressed because of the situation - we weren't the typical "newlywed couple" you would assume us to be. One day I saw a puppy on Facebook - a beautiful blue brindle pit bull, I tried everything in my power to get her but it did't come to fruition - I was devastated, but relieved because my husband wasn't financially stable so why did we need another dog anyways? Then I found SAAP - I browsed online one day when I came across a litter of beautiful white pit bull mix puppies that they had. I was so excited to finally have the chance to rescue a dog from this great organization. I put in an application and it was accepted - before I knew it, we were setting up a date for a meet and greet for the puppy we had picked out online. The two weeks leading up to the meet and greet were the longest 2 weeks ever - but the day finally came where we got to meet and take home our little girl. Since that day - she has brought nothing but love and happiness into our lives - which is what we had been missing since our wedding day in October. We didn't need a puppy - but she brought something back into our lives that had been missing for quite some time.
  • : When we first met her in person - my husband stood by the door of the pet store (where we were meeting her) as the litter of puppies was brought in. As soon as he saw her he said to me "That's our girl" - they handed her to him and it's been nothing but love ever since.
  • : SAAP (Stray Animal Adoption Program)
  • : Chris & Brittany Hostetter
  • : Birthday 1/31/2016 - Gotcha Day 4/2/2016

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