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by Carole Feeny |

Adopter Name

Ken and Lois Elrich

Rescue Dog’s Name


Where Did You Find Your Dog?

Our son Steven found him along the roadside in Nelsonville, OH.

Tell Us About the Moment When You Knew that You Two Were Meant for Each Other.

We had lost our friend, Allie, a boxer, to Melanoma Cancer in June of 2008. We had rescued her 11 years earlier. She was such a good friend and it was painful to watch her as the cancer progressed and took her life. We had agreed we would have no more dogs. Our son, Steven, called the following July telling us about three puppies, a girl and two boys, he and his friends found along the road in Nelsonville, Ohio. Steve stated he was keeping the girl puppy and had named her Bella. The biggest boy pup was quickly adopted and Steve’s buddy Alex had agreed to keep the third puppy if no other home could be found. Alex decided that he needed to give him a name and so the smallest pup was named Chaos because he was so hyper. Steve, Bella’s new dad, had called and explained that he had a new puppy that he would be bringing home with him for the weekend. However, he had also mentioned to his dad, that there was a small puppy that still needed a home and was it ok the to bring Bella’s brother home to Dayton for the weekend in hopes of finding him a permanent home. Unknown to me, my husband Ken had told our son that we would probably keep him if no one else would. Steve arrived at our home, set a travel cage down and out w alked Bella. She was sooo cute and then… out came another little puppy. It was love at first site! He was so tiny. It was decided right away that we would keep him. We didn’t need to think twice. We tossed around a couple names and decided on Chester. Chester has brought us so much joy! His personality fits ours to a T! We are fortunate enough to be able to take him to work with us every day! His job title is “Chief of Security” and this is his “staff” photo. Quite a studious looking fella isn’t he? Chester also helps us with our farm animals everyday and has his own Face Book page too. He remains in contact with Alex and get’s to see him a couple times a year. We are so thankful to have him (even though he still chews on one corner of the same chair at home when he feels ignored. We think it has to do with separation anxiety. He needs to know he is loved just like we all do.) He truly is a friend!

How Has Your Hero Changed Your Life?

After lost our boxer Allie to cancer, the house was quiet and lonely. Going to work and coming home just wasn’t the same. But now we have Chester! Just being with him makes us feel good inside. He is a great friend that loves to be with us just as much as we love being with him. Everyone needs a friend like Chester!

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