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Changing the Story

by Carole Feeny |

Our mission at Project Blue Collar is to celebrate the rescue dog.  To that end, we want to change the story that’s commonly heard about rescue dogs: that they are damaged and rife with issues.

That story is perpetuated and reinforced by campaigns like the Sarah McLaughlin commercial for that huge national animal welfare organization. Images of forlorn and forsaken animals appear with sad music playing, and what do you do? Do you turn away, leave the room or change the channel?  What emotions do you feel? How are you left thinking about those pathetic animals? Does it make you want to adopt or does it leave you with the perception that rescues are all sick and come with a storage house full of baggage? While these marketing campaigns are highly successful at fundraising, they do NOTHING to help get animals adopted.

What if someone was telling you a different story about rescue dogs?  What if, instead of the neglect and abuse, someone was telling you the story of health, happiness, love and joy?  What if you were constantly reminded of how happy and healthy rescue dogs have changed people’s lives for the better? Would that make you want to adopt?  This is exactly what Project Blue Collar is all about. Changing the perception of rescue dogs from being damaged to being priceless, and ultimately, more homes for orphaned dogs.

Those of us in rescue get to witness transformation on a daily basis.  The transformation starts immediately.  Once a dog is pulled from death row and gets transported to a rescue organization (fondly known as their “Freedom Ride”) the change begins. The smile returns to their face, their head is held higher, and the tail begins to wag.  Within just days, life is back in their eyes and their spirit is being rebuilt. By the time an animal is ready for adoption they have encountered countless hearts and helping hands.  When you adopt a rescue dog, you are adopting a legacy of love and kindness that was created by a collective energy of compassion. We consider that PRICELESS.

Help us change the story and let go of the past. Encourage others to let go of perceptions and be open to possibilities. Help us celebrate the rescue dog with the symbol of our movement: the Blue Collar. It’s the ideal conversation starter, a way to share your pride in your rescue dog, and a way to do your part to change the story, one dog at a time.

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