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Bo and Darby

by Carole Feeny |

Adopter Name

Dana Sheridan

Rescue Dog’s Name

Bo and Darby

Where Did You Find Your Dog?

My (adult) son Matt went to Stockton, CA to look to meet someone selling car parts for his vintage El Camino, which were in the backyard of the seller’s house. Separating the backyards was a chainlink fence. In the next yard, which was filthy and filled with junk, was a little puppy shivering all by himself. The puppy was also filthy, covered in mud and poop. Matt asked the car parts owner about the puppy and was told that pup’s mother had been hit and killed by a car a couple of weeks prior, that the ”owners” left the puppy out in the yard by himself all the time and didn’t pay any attention to him. The pup had no water and was fed adult dogfood (Old Roy, the cheapest food from WalMart). Matt knocked on the owner’s door and bought the puppy, no questions asked, they seemed glad to get rid of it and get cash in hand. After a couple of baths, several vet visits and medicine for giardia, Bo(his new name) thrived! The vet said that he was severely malnourished and given that he was only about 6-8 weeks old, he probably wouldn’t have survived the winter if he had been left at this residence.

Tell Us About the Moment When You Knew that You Two Were Meant for Each Other.

I was initially not thrilled when my son brought this puppy home. We already had a dog and I didn’t think he (Darby) would take kindly to this ’intruder’ into our home. Imagine my surprise when Darby (a boy) took an immediate shining to this puppy and became his ’mother’. He must have sensed that Bo needed a mother and adored him from the start. Darby cared and loved him, slept curled up to him, gave Bo the courage to look at the world as a safe place, which was not initially the case. Bo has had anxiety about the world outside of our house (his comfort zone) and it has been a challenge for Bo to see the world as safe. As a tribute to Bo and Darby’s special relationship, when my son moved out of our home, he wanted Bo to be his dog and go with him to his new home. He tried taking him several times but Bo would be depressed and anxious with Darby there. It was decided by all that Bo HAS to be with Darby…they have a deep bond and it shouldn’t be broken. Bo and Darby visit my son, but they both come home with me.

How Has Your Hero Changed Your Life?

First of all, my hero is my son, Matt. Instead of leaving that puppy in a miserable situation where he was slowly dying, Matt took action and removed the puppy and gave him a home and a chance for a good life! Second, my hero is Darby, who became the best ”male” mommy this puppy could ever ask for! Bo is now 2 years old, Darby is 4 1/2 years old, and they are now ’brothers’. They love each other and have a great time romping together. My heroes have changed my life by my reinforced recognition for the need for action and change. We all need to intervene when we see a situation that is unacceptable. And we need to recognize and appreciate that animals can and do have special bonds and have loving relationships just like humans do!

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