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Big Bark, Even Bigger Heart

by Carole Feeny |

  • : Lily has changed my life in more ways than I can count. My heart has grown exponentially ever since I took Lily home. Before, I didn't know what it was like to look at a pet and see more than an animal, but now that I have Lily, I know that pets are more like bestfriends. Lily has become the light of my life and my constant source of happiness. Who knew that one day my happiness would rest on 8 pounds of a beautiful, funny and spoiled, princess? Lily has shown me that despite her past of an abusive home, she still found it in her heart to love and accept the love of another human.
  • : Every single person who walked by her cage at the Animal Defense League Shelter, Lily would bark angrily at them to go away. Unlike everybody else who simply walked past, I stayed and stared. I saw a dog who needed to be loved and shown compassion. I toured the shelter a little bit more but as I gazed at the other animals, I couldn't stop thinking about Lily. I finally went back to her cage and asked a employee at the shelter if I could walk Lily around on a leash. Lily resisted to be taken out, but once the employee placed her in my arms, she stopped barking. Lily was terrified of anyone touching her and as I slowly pet and whispered to her, it became apparent that we were already becoming attached. Not until I started the adoption process, did I find out that Lily had been picked up from an abusive home. The whole car ride home she clung to my lap, not knowing that she was about to be given the best possible life by her newfound best friend.
  • : Animal Defense League of Texas
  • : Alyssa Hernandez
  • : July 12, 2016

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