I bought Cairo a Lupine collar when I first adopted her almost two years ago, but with the rising popularity of her design I’ve been looking for a new one. Normally, I don’t like buying anything we might meet another dog wearing…but supporting PBC and having Lupine quality is definite worth it. I’d be honored to run into a dog that matches Cairo now. It’s a little narrower than her other one (same size), and also a lot less rigid. I absolutely love this collar on her, the leash is great too. =)



Raylan and I just received our Blue Collar gear! We’re so happy to support the cause and show others what love can be found in a rescue dog.

Caitlin K.

Way to go all……make those Project Blue Collar-Support the Underdog a huge success. Keep up the wonderful work you folks do for these precious souls! Hugs coming from Wisconsin!

Anna Nielsen

Oh I love this organization!  How Cool.

Anni Bricca

We are so proud of PBC for giving a voice to the rescue dog!!!  All of us should support this wonderful project!


I have been asked so many times what the collar is all about!  Then again when you see four of them coming your way, it’s hard to miss.  It’s been such a conversation starter/topic.  I have met some really nice people this past week because of your collars!  Thank you for that!

K. Corbett

Thank you more than words can say! Marrying a worthy project such as yours with shelters & rescues carries a lot of weight in the animal world.

D. Blake, Harbor Rescue, June 2012 Shelter of the Month

I bought a blue collar for my rescue dog when PBC was at the No More Homeless Pets Conference in October. I am in love with this product and it has opened up multiple opportunities for me to talk to others about rescuing and supporting the underdog. What a great product!!

Anna Lea

We recently just got a Dogo Argentino and I have been having the HARDEST time trying to find a hoodie to fit him for this winter. PBC came to the rescue! The XXL is perfect, a little big but it’s perfect because he’s only 7 months old and is still growing. Amazing quality, and the design is adorable. We love representing PBC!

Kelsey - The Whitest Pups You Know

You and Kristin are the best kind of brand ambassadors – those who embrace the privilege and the power of giving back.  I am touched by your mission to shine a spotlight on dog adoption, and thank you for giving these animals a chance to be welcomed into new homes. How fortunate that they have found a hero in you. I wish you much future success.

Kenneth Chenault, CEO of American Express

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