You and Kristin are the best kind of brand ambassadors – those who embrace the privilege and the power of giving back.  I am touched by your mission to shine a spotlight on dog adoption, and thank you for giving these animals a chance to be welcomed into new homes. How fortunate that they have found a hero in you. I wish you much future success.

Kenneth Chenault, CEO of American Express

We recently just got a Dogo Argentino and I have been having the HARDEST time trying to find a hoodie to fit him for this winter. PBC came to the rescue! The XXL is perfect, a little big but it’s perfect because he’s only 7 months old and is still growing. Amazing quality, and the design is adorable. We love representing PBC!

Kelsey - The Whitest Pups You Know

Another HUGE thank you to the wonderful people at Project Blue Collar – Support the Underdog! Brown County Animal Shelter is their shelter of the month, and I picked up 50 blue collars from them to use for fundraising efforts! They are a great group and are achieving great things!

Michelle McIntyre-Wilson

Your movement and business is so amazing.  Donny and I both have tons of faith in what you are doing.

David Hendrickson, HendrickBoards

I bought Cairo a Lupine collar when I first adopted her almost two years ago, but with the rising popularity of her design I’ve been looking for a new one. Normally, I don’t like buying anything we might meet another dog wearing…but supporting PBC and having Lupine quality is definite worth it. I’d be honored to run into a dog that matches Cairo now. It’s a little narrower than her other one (same size), and also a lot less rigid. I absolutely love this collar on her, the leash is great too. =)



I am so very happy that the product arrived today! I just love them and the ” boys” loved their little cookie! They raised $50.00 for the foundation today. That is HUGE! We have never done that in one day. We even sold one of the collars within minutes of putting them out. I am so delighted to have met you!

M. Prenderville, Paws for a Cause

I truly believe your organization makes a difference! You empower owners of rescue dogs & your products provide us with easy opportunities to speak to others about rescue. Keep up the good work!!!

Tiffany Caneda

We have been selling Project Blue Collar products in our pet fundraising boutique, Paws for a Cause, for over a year now. We have been very pleased with the quality of products that they carry and feel that they are an exceptional value as well.  And, we have many repeat customers.

M. Prenderville

Really glad the PBC was in the Buddys Box this month. We’ve been wanting to order one, so that was perfect. Thanks!!!!

Buddy's Box Recipient

LFM cannot thank PBC enough for all you have already done for us. From fostering, to helping us raise funds with the blue collars, to being a rescue of the month. The benefits from being a partner, we feel, would be endless.

Luv For Mutts

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