I like the idea of trying to find something positive to motivate rather than pity or fear. I like the idea of a couple of people finding a passion and turning it into a start up. And I like the idea that grassroots can create change.  

Robert Barnett

Your movement and business is so amazing.  Donny and I both have tons of faith in what you are doing.

David Hendrickson, HendrickBoards

I love these ladies so much. Kristin helped us adopt Zoe from STAF and worked with us for quite a while to make sure that Duke would welcome her into our home…and you can proudly show and educate people on how awesome the underdogs can be!

E. Papin Beiting

Today I celebrate my 3 year anniversary with my pound puppy Oliver. Though he came to me in a sad state, he has a happy future. He’s healthy, loves EVERYBODY and is a great snuggle. To really celebrate our awesome 3 years together, I bought a blue collar and a toy to put under the tree for Ollie dog. Thank you for making others aware of the need to adopt, not shop!

Tara Price

I was out shopping in my PBC thermal shirt and THREE people asked me about it!! I got to spread the word!!#supporttheunderdog

Andy Crum Robinson

I love Project Blue Collar and am an avid supporter of the underdog and especially dog adoption. We have 4, 2 of the 4 are rescues. Keep up the great work you are doing!

Julie K. Everitt

We are so proud of PBC for giving a voice to the rescue dog!!!  All of us should support this wonderful project!


I am so very happy that the product arrived today! I just love them and the ” boys” loved their little cookie! They raised $50.00 for the foundation today. That is HUGE! We have never done that in one day. We even sold one of the collars within minutes of putting them out. I am so delighted to have met you!

M. Prenderville, Paws for a Cause

PBC means more people asking questions when they see Frankie’s collar. Questions can lead to education for those who aren’t aware of the great animals in shelters and dog pounds. If this leads to even one person adopting one dog or cat, you have been successful.

Michelle Hall

Another HUGE thank you to the wonderful people at Project Blue Collar – Support the Underdog! Brown County Animal Shelter is their shelter of the month, and I picked up 50 blue collars from them to use for fundraising efforts! They are a great group and are achieving great things!

Michelle McIntyre-Wilson

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