Carole…What you are doing is nothing short of FABULOUS!!! I commend you for your efforts and that of Project Blue Collar.

M. Balian

Really glad the PBC was in the Buddys Box this month. We’ve been wanting to order one, so that was perfect. Thanks!!!!

Buddy's Box Recipient

I’ve rescued three dogs and they all proudly wear their blue collars. It’s a great concept and I’m proud to say, I support the underdog.

N. Harbert

Thank you for being part of an organzation that promotes rescue adoption and education – we feel extremely privilaged and happy to be part of the PBC family.

Jessica F.

Great meeting you at Great Shelters! Gave out Dog Bless‘ first Blue Collar to Nero, an adult male lab who was hit by a car last week.  And keep up the good work! Love the idea! (And the color!)

Chelsea Young Staley

So privileged to be a part of the movement! We sported our PBC gear at the dog park yesterday – people are always interested in Nana, especially now that she has no ears. Each time they would come close to look at her, I was asked about the blue collar.  It’s brilliant! We are so proud, and so grateful, to represent PBC. You have given us rescue parents such a remarkable platform to share the beauty of adoption. Thank YOU for being so great!!

Journey of Nana

We are so proud of PBC for giving a voice to the rescue dog!!!  All of us should support this wonderful project!


I bought a blue collar for my rescue dog when PBC was at the No More Homeless Pets Conference in October. I am in love with this product and it has opened up multiple opportunities for me to talk to others about rescuing and supporting the underdog. What a great product!!

Anna Lea

Oh I love this organization!  How Cool.

Anni Bricca

Raylan and I just received our Blue Collar gear! We’re so happy to support the cause and show others what love can be found in a rescue dog.

Caitlin K.

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