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Rescue Lacelets: Lessons Collection

We’ve teamed up with Baseball Lacelets to create the newest symbol of rescue pride: the Rescue Lacelet! Over the years we’ve received countless stories with memorable quotes. We’ve wanted to share them with the world, so our top favorites are included in the Rescue Lacelets Collections. Read below for details and more about these dogs.

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  • Calista, Sprocket
  • Scarlett, Dayzie

Product Description

Our Rescue Lacelets give you a fashionable way to show your commitment to rescue dogs and get further engaged in the Project Blue Collar community. Made in Cincinnati by Baseball Lacelets, our Rescue Lacelets offer an expression of sentiments widely shared and felt by rescue dog advocates everywhere. The Lessons Collection includes quotes from our Lessons From My Rescue Dog (LFMRD) contest from the summer of 2014. Each is a limited edition print run, so get your favorite before they sell out!

The Rescue Lacelets are intended to wrap around your wrist up to 3x and can be trimmed to size. They measure 28″ long (except for The Martin which is 16″ long) x 3/16″ wide and are made out of the same type of leather lacing used to make baseball gloves.

PBC Rescue Lacelets currently available:

The Martin, a story we used to promote LFMRD, quote repeated 1x and is 16″ long:

“Second chances are a gift, and not giving them could mean that we may be missing out on something great.”

The Calista, our Grand Prize winner, quote repeated on it 2x, available in tan:

“When we accept where we are at this moment, we are able to overcome anything we want.”


Previous Rescue Lacelets (sold out):

The Sprocket, an LFMRD daily winner, quote repeated on it 3x:

“Keeping your heart open and saying YES can lead you to some fantastic places.”

The Scarlett, an LFRMD daily winner, quote on it 1x:

“We all have a place. It may not be what we envisioned but it is beautifully the one that is meant for us.”

The Evey & Gulliver, a story we used to promote LFMRD, quote repeated 1x:

“We should not allow our past to dictate our current happiness, but instead find big things and little things that add to our lives.”

The Dayzie, a LFMRD weekly winner, quote repeated on it 2x:

“Even if it takes a push or pull from a friend, you’ll never regret facing your biggest fears.”

Additional Information

Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 5 x 4 x 1 in
Dog Name

Calista (tan), Martin (blue)

Product Enquiry

CalistaGrandPrizeCalista is one of the best examples of what we stand for at Project Blue Collar: That within every underdog, there's a hero. Despite a horrific past, Calista was given a chance to be the dog she was always meant to be through compassion and love. Her submission into our Lessons From My Rescue Dog contest last summer included some incredible lessons for us all to learn. Click here to read her story and click here to watch her video. THANK YOU Calista for inspiring us and being a powerful advocate for Project Blue Collar!       Sprocket_Post_ImageSprocket was a daily winner in our LFMRD contest last summer. Here is his original entry submitted by his mom Amanda: "A few years ago, I went to an adoption event not expecting anything but a nice afternoon. But, once I saw the face of this sick little schnauzer mix, I knew both our lives were about to change. He was taken off the streets in Texas and was very nearly put to sleep due to overcrowding in the pound. Sprocket has taught me that it's okay to take chances. Keeping your heart open and saying 'Yes' can lead you to some fantastic places."
LaceletCard_ScarlettScarlett was a daily winner in our LFMRD contest last summer. Here is her original story submitted by his mom Stephanie: "What I learned from my rescued dog Scarlet is that no dog is dispensable. I had lost my lab of 14 1/2 years and was looking for a new dog for 1 1/2 years when I saw Scarlet's picture. I wanted another dog to train and take to senior centers as I had with my lab. We adopted Scarlet a 6 month emaciated, traumatize lab/shepherd mix. We soon learned that she had severe social phobias and was terrified outside our home. This ended the dream of volunteering with my dog but at no time did I consider giving her up. She is a much loved part of my family and always will be. We all have a place, it may not be what we envisioned but it is beautifully the one that is meant for us."       DayzieRescueStoryProdPageDayzie was the weekly winner during the last week of our contest. Her mom wrote: "Dayzie taught me that, even if it takes a push or pull from a friend, you'll never regret facing your biggest fears. Yesterday, I decided that it was time for Dayzie to learn to swim. I had to pull her in, as she was very hesitant to walk onto the first step. However, after getting her feet wet, she realized that there wasn't anything scary about it. Then I pulled her a little more, I hopes of getting her to take all of her feet off the first step, then the second step, and finally, Dayzie swam! Of course, her form still needs a little work, but I'm proud of her for finally swimming, because she ended up liking it a lot. Dayzie has taught me innumerable great life lessons, but this one was definitely the biggest one. Even if you're scared at first, facing your fears will change your life for the better."