Q: Is PBC a non-profit?

A: No. PBC is a for-profit company. Our business model is called a “social enterprise” because we give back to a cause, which for us is dog rescue. We donate product and funds to rescue groups in two ways: Through our Buy One Give One program and our Looking Backward, Moving Forward campaigns that generate funds for medical emergencies.

Q: Why are you not a non-profit?

A: We want to support the lifesaving work of rescue groups and not be in competition with them for funds. As a for-profit business with a passion brand, we are able to broadcast the message of adoption on a larger scale than the rescue organizations are able, while energizing people to join in a cause bigger than themselves.

Q: Why the color blue?

Blue is the color of loyalty and courage, two of the things we love most about our dogs and those that rescue them. In our culture, the blue ribbon has broadly symbolized “first place” or “first choice.” Our goal is to elevate the status of rescue dogs, so it follows that we want to summon up the feelings and sentiments commonly associated with the color blue.

Q: How does PBC promote the message of adoption?

A: From the beginning, we’ve believed that telling your rescue dog’s story is the most powerful way to inspire and educate people about dog adoption. We’ve collected hundreds of inspirational stories over the past several years from all over the world, most of whom have Blue Collared their dog(s). The Blue Collar serves as a conversation starter and a grassroots way of spreading the word about dog adoption. It’s a symbol for the world to see and a way for your dog to proudly say, “Hey, look at me now!” After all, your rescue dog is the most powerful marketer for adoption – and Project Blue Collar is a way for him/her to get rescue dogs the recognition they deserve.

Q: Why does buying something from PBC matter in the scheme of things?

A: When you or your dog wears anything by PBC, you become an advocate for rescue dogs. You join other like-minded people in supporting something bigger than yourself. And the more advocates there are for rescue dogs, the louder the message of adoption becomes and the more lives can be saved. By wearing PBC, you are showing rescue dogs in a different, more valuable light. And in doing so, your purchase will also support the lifesaving work of rescue organizations.

Q: Doesn't everyone know about the plight of shelter dogs? Why is the message of PBC important?

PBC is for ANYONE who believes rescue dogs deserve a bright future. You don’t even have to have a dog to wear PBC, as we have clothes and accessories for people too! Ultimately, our goal is to make the color BLUE = RESCUED. We have plenty of rescue animals already who wear the Blue Collar.

Q: How does PBC give back to rescue groups?

We give to rescue groups in two ways: Through our Buy One Give One (BOGO) program to supply collars and leashes to rescue groups, and funds generated by our Looking Backwards, Moving Forwards campaigns. We are also willing to consider product donations to rescue groups for their fundraisers and events.
Rescue groups who are the beneficiaries of the BOGO program are called PBC BOGO Rescue Partners. These partners are groups that are actively engaged with their supporters and can consistently share the message of PBC through a variety of communication tools (social media, emails, on their website, etc.). The more awareness that the Rescue Partners can create about PBC, the more they increase their chances to earn collars and leashes for the dogs in their care.

Q: Where can I buy PBC?

A: You can purchase PBC products here on our website or through one of our retail partners.