The Project Blue Collar Pack

Carole Feeny, Co-Founder

Carole is Co-Founder of Project Blue Collar. She is a lifelong animal lover and rescuer. Although her career path was always in Business Development, the majority of her career with American Express, she always spent her spare time working with animals. She has studied conservation around the world and travels to Africa frequently as a “voluntourist.” She is also a foster mom for Stray Animal Adoption Program (SAAP) and has fostered hundreds of pups.  So many that she calls her place the PBC Puppy Hostel.  She finally decided that she needed to turn her passion into a full-time job and launched PBC in 2012. Carole has many talents, but finding the perfect home for the many rescues she fosters, is perhaps her greatest one. Ask any of her friends, both two legged and four legged and they will tell you that it was Carole who helped them find each other.  Carole holds a B.S. from Eastern Kentucky University.

Kristin Waters, Co-Founder

Kristin Waters is Co-Founder of Project Blue Collar.  Kristin brings her extensive background in sales, fundraising, design, and writing to PBC. No stranger to the startup environment, Kristin held key business development positions at several dot coms in San Francisco in the late 90’s. She also held fundraising positions at several secondary schools where she learned the true power of giving back for the common good. A native Californian with an affinity for nature, Kristin has channeled her passion for animals into volunteering at Save the Animals Foundation in Cincinnati and actively networking behind the scenes for animal rescue over the past 5 years. Kristin brings her years of experience and passion to engaging the PBC community and ensuring the integrity of the PBC brand through strategic marketing initiatives. Kristin is a graduate of Cate School and holds a B.A. in English literature from Bowdoin College.

Kevin Wimmer, Chief Creative Officer

Kevin has honed his design and creative skills at such leading agencies as LPK, Brand Image on Interbrand on a wide-range of global and domestic brands. Kevin is the owner, motivator and trainer of the cross training company ELMNTL Fitness. Kevin leverages his expertise in Business Strategy, Global Innovation, Portfolio Strategy, Branding and his immense love for dogs.

Mike Taylor, Chief Marketing Officer

Mike has over 20 years in the business of branding from across Finance, Strategy and Marketing at such leading companies as P&G, J&J, K-C & Interbrand. Mike leverages his expertise in Business Strategy, Global Innovation, Portfolio Strategy, and Branding across a wide-range of businesses from premium cosmetics to hardware and tools. Besides his own consultancy practice and as a partner at Folio 28, a retailer- focused branding agency. Mike also lectures and writes frequently about his greatest passion, Brands and their ability to transform businesses and lives.