Project Blue Collar in a Nutshell

PBC is a global MOVEMENT to celebrate rescue dogs and unite the people who care about them.

PBC is a way to show RESCUE PRIDE and tell your rescue dog’s story.

PBC GIVES BACK to rescue groups to support their lifesaving work. 


Identifying Rescue Dogs

Project Blue Collar® (PBC) started when we realized there’s no way to identify rescue dogs or hear their stories. We thought, “What if there was something dogs could wear to identify that they were adopted. We humans wear wristbands to identify our causes; what if adopted rescue dogs could wear collars for theirs?”

So Project Blue Collar – Support the Underdog® was born. Wristbands have gone to the dogs (thanks, Lance) and PBC came to the rescue!

Our Support the Underdog®  Blue Collars are conversation starters. Telling the story of your adopted dog inspires others to join the movement, and encourages them to adopt – not shop – when adding a pet to their family.

People who haven’t had a personal interaction with a rescue dog may not appreciate what wonderful companions they can be—and that’s costing over 3 million shelter dogs a year their lives.


The Power of Stories to Save Lives

There is a public perception that shelter dogs are damaged and don’t make good pets. Part of that misperception is that people can’t identify a rescue dog when they see one. You can interact with a great dog and never know they are a rescue. Blue Collared dogs serve as ambassadors, demonstrating that rescue dogs are wonderful dogs. Our goal is for more people to adopt—not shop—when adding a pet to their family.

When your dog wears a Support the Underdog® Blue Collar, you get to share the deep connection you have with your rescue dog(s) and the love and joy you’ve brought to each other. You get a chance to start conversations and be an advocate for adoption. Every time you see a dog wearing a Blue Collar, you’ll know that an underdog became a hero. That’s how movements are born, one moment at a time and one conversation at a time, and change begins to happen!


Giving Back to Rescue Groups

PBC is an advocacy engine for adoption. Our goal is to elevate the status of rescue dogs as prized pets in order to spare the lives of millions of healthy, adoptable dogs who are killed every year around the world. As a social enterprise company, PBC has been committed to giving back to rescue organizations from the start. We donate product and funds to rescue organizations in two ways: We give them collars and leashes through our Buy One, Give One (BOGO) program and donate funds for medical emergencies through our Looking Backwards, Moving Forwards campaigns. We believe that our relationships with rescue groups and retailers create advocates for adoption in their communities and amplify the case for adoption in a grassroots, authentic way.


Still want to know more about Project Blue Collar? Please visit our FAQ section for more.